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Video 3 ♔ Warden of State

 [Francis looks perfectly normal, honestly. He's isn't that long after graduation and he likes to take care of himself. And he never loses that cheeky, devil may care attitude of his.]

Mixed bag, this flood. At any rate, unfortunately, the good Marquis isn't the only one missing something. My item seems to have totted off as well. It looks like my badge of office, so you'll recognise it if you see it. If anyone finds it, once you've sampled the warden areas all by your lonesome, would it be terribly inconvenient if I might have it back? Preferably before someone knifes my dear Scorpius in the back? [He gives the camera a look. That's exactly what's going to wind up happening and you lot know it.] 

Iris seemed to have spotted some temporal messing up, so I suppose I'll treat this much like the communication glitches: anybody out there I used to know?
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Warden... item?

[ This is a confused Hood. ]
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Oh, yeah, I know what that is -- I got one. I'm just... you... when'd you become a warden?
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Well, that's good! Congratulations on the graduations?
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I guess this is a time... flood or some sort.
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Well, I'm guessing you're inmate isn't here.
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Well, hate to tell you? Yesterday you were an inmate.
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Guess it does. Man, dimensional travel is bad enough; time travel really gets the wires crossed!
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Oh, ye of exactly the right amount of faith. [Her smile is a familiar one, wryly fond.]
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Francis. How long has it been?
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Interesting. Keeping yourself busy, I hope?
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Unfortunately, I have not seen your item anywhere. Do you require immediate assistance in your search?
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Many passengers are not themselves - would anyone in particular wish to steal it from you?

What are his usual haunts?
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I will make the necessary inquiries, as well as maintain an eye on Scorpius, should I locate him.
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It is no trouble. I would advise caution - this flood appears particularly chaotic.
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Have you noted any overt violence?
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We aren't exactly friends, but we're not not friends.

[ Kara's been off and on the barge for four or five years now, and she has matured substantially since present times. ]

Do you remember me, Francis?
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I'm doing well. It's been hard balancing home with the barge, but the time effect helps a lot with that.
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Of course! Anything for the puppies. [ She sympathizes. Krypto is pretty active as dogs go. ]
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Sure thing. I'll be right there.
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[ And Kara is there with Krypto. Because she's here, so why not? ]

Of course! I don't mind at all. Even if I didn't know you were trustworthy, the CES is pretty basic.
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[ Kara restrains a chuckle looking after the dog. Krypto waits for her to give him a little nod before bounding off after. ]

After you, Francis.
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[ She follows him, seemingly happy enough to just enjoy the scenery and watch their dogs run around. She floats contentedly a foot off the ground. ]
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[ Krypto is a big friendly guard-dog, so he's mostly confused by the hunting and ruins it from time to time by coming over to play with Sookie while she's trying to follow his trail.

Kara watches and laughs. ]
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[ She grins back at him. ]

Makes me wonder why anyone ever thought two alien species couldn't get along.
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True. Still, it's nice to see them playing.