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Video 4 ♔ Demotion

 [Private to Self]

Nothing inflames my impatience than a promotion denied. To be knocked back. I'm really starting to understand why people have elected to find patterns in this. Always terribly comforting: patterns. Meanings and points. 

You and I know that there's very little of any of that. But that doesn't mean, in typical human fashion, we can't make patterns. I have new relationships to capitalise on and new paths to take. We must move forward.


I'm afraid I've seemed to have lost my bet. Still, despite its... difficulties, it was an interesting flood. Steph did well enough out of it. [He smiles genuinely.] Anyone else experience good news.

[Private to Scorpius]

My future warden self is no doubt deeply disappointed, Scorpius.
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[From down below in Zero, Scorpius answers the call]

It is not your future warden self I am primarily concerned about offending, Francis.
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I hope that you won't be attempting to emulate any sort of warden-like control over me, if you're indeed preparing for that inevitable occurrence. I'd hate to tarnish our relationship.
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Then what do you mean by mentioning it?
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Everything I do is a necessary step towards my goals, Francis. I have not asked for your assistance or your support or even your blessing. You are free to stay well out of range of what I do.
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A penchant for giving wardens whatever they want. Crichton and I have a history that predates the Barge by some time. If I am to make the transition from inmate to warden, my goals will undoubtedly change.

Your advice is appreciated [not especially] but I have made my decision. It's far too early to say who now has the upper hand, but don't discount my chances.
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They will not survive the infusion of morality because my goal is not moral to begin with. You cannot graduate and still entertain the concept of genocide. The two ideas are completely incompatible.

I suppose you're right.

[But it's so, so enjoyable to watch Crichton squirm]

Even when Crichton breaks, there is still the matter of my escape.
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I would prefer to act before Aeryn Sun graduates or before John graduates an inmate of his own. Aeryn is his leverage; his deal could potentially decide my own fate.
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Is this your attempt at being condescending, Francis? If you're entirely sincere, I offer my apologies for misunderstanding.
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I appreciate your concern. But there are larger things at stake than my graduation and Crichton is the key.
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My graduation will answer it, but not in the way I'd prefer. Crichton is important so long as I assume that there is a method of my getting out of here with my plan intact.
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A wise man does not rely on assumptions but plans accordingly for every eventuality even as he gently slides pieces to meet his most preferred outcome.
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On the Barge? Certainly not.
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And you with yours, Francis.
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You're going to graduate. I think that's good news.
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Well it made me feel good, and that's all that matters, isn't it? At least the future isn't grim for everyone.
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That's important to keep in mind, I think. When things fall apart it seems like it could never get better, but sometimes it does.
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Yeah. I'm going to have to practice that, I think.
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Thanks. And the same to you.