mightthinkthat: Francis is cloaked in darkness. (concerned)
Francis Ewan Urquhart ([personal profile] mightthinkthat) wrote2014-02-25 05:17 pm

Video 4 ♔ Demotion

 [Private to Self]

Nothing inflames my impatience than a promotion denied. To be knocked back. I'm really starting to understand why people have elected to find patterns in this. Always terribly comforting: patterns. Meanings and points. 

You and I know that there's very little of any of that. But that doesn't mean, in typical human fashion, we can't make patterns. I have new relationships to capitalise on and new paths to take. We must move forward.


I'm afraid I've seemed to have lost my bet. Still, despite its... difficulties, it was an interesting flood. Steph did well enough out of it. [He smiles genuinely.] Anyone else experience good news.

[Private to Scorpius]

My future warden self is no doubt deeply disappointed, Scorpius.

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