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Video 5 ♔ Loyalty to the Crown - Filtered to Politicals

[Francis is just like his normal counterpart at the very beginning of his rise. The ultimate insider, he's a non-entity to those above him, charmingly roguish to those who actually know him, and a strict father-figure for those beneath him. His job is to make sure the people around the Emperor seem like spotless saints the closer they are to him.

It's naturally more challenging for some than others but Francis has been here long enough to know how to get you out of mischief.

He is not part of the inner circle but he's directly on the outside of it, knowing most of the aides involved.]

Good Morning, Excellencies. Hope you've got your packets for the day. Do let my office know if there's anything we can do. [And he does mean anything.]
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freshman senator chromie c:

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Good morning! My staff picked it up, thank you very much!
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Great! Thank you very much. Is there any of this I should be treating with particular urgency, sir?
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Of course! What's the latest?
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[She waits, horrified, for a moment, before:] Oh. Oh no.

[Chromie sounds considerably more shaken than she ever has among colleagues before.]

I'm, I don't know if my staff has told you. The ship, it came today? What is the date?
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My synesthesia gives me problems telling the present from the near future. I thought I had it under control, I am sorry.
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Well, so to speak. There is still a Rix ship. What are we doing about it?
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Thank you. How common is this knowledge?
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Senior senator Ned

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Thank you, Sir. I should be all settled with my staff and I've sent along my thanks for your hospitality this week.
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How is the Emperor and family? I saw the, uh, ship, on my way in. Do you know if we negotiating with the Rix now?
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Are you joining the rest of the senators for lunch today?
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It wasn't especially a 'need'. It was...an invitation.
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I look forward to seeing you.

not-quite-so-freshman not-quite-senior senator gard

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On time, as always.

You will come to the dinner party tomorrow evening, won't you? I haven't had your return, and it would be so diminished without you.

[ Every word is polite, smooth, flattering, and there is a smile on her face as she murmurs it, sending the message through subvocals as her staff presents the information for the day. It shows, to him, as video and voice: an overlay program. Which Gard likes, not only for the vague slight it represents (I don't have time to speak to you directly) but also for the way it can disguise small body language cues that could be analyzed by professionals. She likes her privacy.

The dinner party is one she is ostensibly throwing as a fundraiser, but truly it's a particular mixing opportunity. She calibrates her crowds carefully, and creates matches to see what will happen. The invitation states it is thrown by herself and Chromie. ]