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Video 11 ♔ Smoke and Mirrors

 [Francis is tending to his dogs, who were rattled by the collision, with tender loving care, soothing them.] Well, I suppose being woken up is one sign of power returning? 

[He's a little irked that this is the most interesting thing to happen here. He's no real taste for torture, even if he's not shy of it, it's gross and unnecessary, so he's bored of it whenever it comes up. He's looking forward to something happening. And his standards for that something is getting lower.] 
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Yeah, wouldn't get my hopes up, Frank. We're fucking dead in the water.
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Do I look like a fucking engineer? Talk to someone who knows science or machines. Before we all start eating each other.
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You wanna go, old man? Because I'm telling you right now, if we run out of food, your dogs are the first thing I'm cooking and eating.
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You know, Frank, it's getting really hard to keep liking you when you're such a dick. It must suck being that old where no one wants to fuck you anymore.
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[Flushing angrily, Chris only seems to get more and more worked up]

Fuck off! I'm getting laid. I've got my fucking pick around here. You can't even get it up, you prick.
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Ew. Ew, you fucking ass! I do not spend time thinking about your wrinkled, shriveled old dick!
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You're a shithead, Frankie. You're a shithead and you're high if you think I'm not getting all the sex I want on this ship.

Because I am.

I so fucking am. And...and fuck you.
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No, not you, you! You-...god damn it!

You don't fucking get to make me look bad in public. I will kick your bony ass back to merry ol' England.
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Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
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I am going to kill you.

How's that for a mixed message?
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[Chris is loud and boisterous but he's a bully. He won't take on any fights he's not positive he can't win. The fact that Francis isn't backing down upsets him, but it also warns him to be careful]

I'm a warden. I don't get into trouble. I cause the fucking trouble. You get it?
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Do I get the fact that I'm an awesome tornado of destruction? Fuck yeah.

What makes you think I give a shit about my inmate?
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[pretty much this]

He's gonna graduate soon. I've got something awesome planned.
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Hey, how about you fuck right off to hell, Frank? Like I give a shit how you think. Stop telling me how to run my inmate.
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[Nope, never]

So fucking what?!
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I don't care what you have to say. Ever. You're a wasted old man and you have fuck all reason to be here.
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Yeah, genius. Keep your opinions to yourself. No one else wants to hear them.
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I'm talking to you because you're new and I thought I'd give you a few pointers, dipshit.
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Watch your back, Frankie. Pissing me off's not a smart move.
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You paired yet?
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Too bad. Maybe then you'll have someone around with no choice to be around you.
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Fuck off. God. Talking to you is pointless.
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Good! I'm stopping!
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[Nope. Nope..

Fine! There! Click!

Showed you, Francis.]