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Francis Ewan Urquhart ([personal profile] mightthinkthat) wrote2014-05-27 04:21 pm

Video 12 ♔ You Asked For A Challenge

[Francis' room is looking a good bit more cluttered than it had when you saw it last. There's everything from a rubix cube (which a springer spaniel is currently gnawing on in a crown shaped bed in the background) to a crossword puzzle, which Francis is idly scrawling on. Several new cups and saucers with commemorative decorations upon them.

Francis is acting if All Is Normal, as you might expect of him now.] 

And just as I was getting bored. Is everyone else experiencing something along these lines or am I just lucky?
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[personal profile] keeps_a_cool_head 2014-05-28 12:20 pm (UTC)(link)
I too am collecting a myriad of pointless trash.

Honestly, it's one of the more mild floods I've seen yet.
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That depends. Will I understand it?
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Thank you.

Perhaps if I come across a challenging part of it, I'll request your assistance.
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[And likely he won't do it anyway]

Send the puzzle along and I'll have a look.
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[Such eyerolling omg]

I'll be along after breakfast.
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[whatev, francis, making him go get his own crossword puzzle. Shame on you. B[ ]
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...If you don't want all of them, I'm calling 'dibs' on at least one of those books of Sudoku.
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Wonderful. What's your cabin number? I'll be by to collect it later...at your convenience, of course.
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See you in a bit.