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In Character Contact Post

 This is Francis Urquhart. I'm afraid I'm not able to come to the phone right now, but if you'd like to leave a message, I'll get back to you. 
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Oct 31st, Morning (not here)

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[ Who the hell are these guys trying to climb all over the apartment complex?! Actually, they look like they’re headed for one unit in particular, belonging to a Tiffany Dogget. She has some skeletal sneak thieves to deal with!]
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12/10, voice.

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Ambassador Urquhart, this is Ms. Maryam calling. Recent events have raised certain issues related to imPort security, and I was hoping you might be willing to discuss them with me.
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I'm slightly less mobile, at the moment, but at least out of the hospital. I suppose there shouldn't be any problem in coming by for a visit.
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I wouldn't mind, actually. I've been off my feet for days, and could do with the exercise. What time would be best for you?

And...I suppose I'd need the address, as well. [ Ugh, actually having to find places like a normal person instead of just feeling it out in Space. Not having her powers is such a chore. ]

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Christmas delivery!

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voice -- let's say 5-ish days after the end of the Pan plot

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Mr. Urquhart, it's Greg Vorthys again. You said you'd be willing to meet with me once there was time. Would sometime soon be suitable?
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Oh, good, thank you!

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That would be fine. Do you have an office of some kind? I'm happy to come to you. Or a cafe is fine.
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I think I'll bow to your superior experience and let you pick a café.

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after the state of emergency announcement

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My bags are packed. When do we leave?
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Re: Audio

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Don't think you're the only ones who've dealt with Russian politics.

When are you meeting again?

[ You're gonna have to tell him not to gatecrash this party. ]
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[ Great. ]

You mean to tell me they're not telling you anything either?

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delivery! (2/14)

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[On this, the most important romance-related holiday of the year, Francis receives a card delivered by a flying pig. The pig was probably supposed to look sort of like cupid, as is appropriate for the day, but Mabel made the wings way more bat-like than cherubic. Oops!

There’s a small chocolate heart taped to the back, and a little note: Happy Valentine’s Day! Have the best day EVER!!
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Hello, Ambassador. There are political matters I would like to discuss with you at your earliest convenience.

It is likely that we will soon be colleagues, you see.
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Certainly not, Ambassador. I understand that you are a busy man. It is good to hear from you, regardless.

By now, you will no doubt be aware that I intend to be the next Ambassador for Maurtia Falls. It is an exciting prospect, working beside you to build a better future for our imPort community.
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[ A fancy package arrives for Francis early this morning. Attached to it is an envelope sealed with a wax mockingbird sigil and the letter itself is penned in fancy cursive: ]

Ambassador Urquhart,

I hope you will be voting in this upcoming election. In my entirely biased opinion, I believe you should cast your vote for me. We seem to have similar ideals, and together, I truly believe we could see those ideals realized. But no matter how it turns out on Monday, I do have faith that you and I will work together toward a great many future projects.

In the meantime, please enjoy my gift to you.

Lord Petyr Baelish