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CR (Mask or Menace) in Order of Appearance


Mage, member of RISE. Professional, calm, reliable. Francis likes her as much he likes capable people. 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1314, 15.

Frederick Chilton

Overeager and plainly voyeuristic, Chilton is amusing but obvious about it. Francis won't ever seek him out, but he's amused to see him about.


Haen Hithil

Entirely too chatty, he's not inclined to take her seriously, but she's more like a babbling brook than a constant din.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Ray Kowalski

Decent chap. Wanted to mind his own business and his liberty. Francis was disappointed that he wasn't able to help him.


Mitchell Hundred

Fellow politico. Bit young to be much of a threat to Francis, but it's nice to have someone who gets it about. Particularly because he's useful. 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b.

Carl Grimes

Boy who's been from a rough spot. Francis feels he's other's responsibility so he's not that empathetic towards him, but he does feel that he deserves to be here for his own sake.

1, 2, 3.

April Ludgate - Graham

Francis likes her sense of humour. 



BLUE. Beautiful, however, and has a good, solid outlook. Francis likes her. Her society seems a little uninteresting, however.

1, 2, 3, 4.

Mighty Max

Perky young lad, very American. Flighty.



Typical brash teen. No sense of proper behaviour.


Tobias 'Toby' Matthews

Interesting enough fellow, measured, sensitive about not having the permanence of a photograph. Francis occasionally wonders if he'd have a similar sensitivity if he'd lost his ability to see himself. Probably disheveled as a result!

1, 2.

Walter White

Potential pet project. Walter White screamed unstable when he appeared on the network high, rambling about death to everyone. Francis couldn't resist responding. When White vanished and returned still moping about his life here, Francis saw an opportunity to start to get to know him. Francis' interest in him is far from benign, though he's still wondering how he might find a use for the man.

1, 2, 3.


Superman is about as you'd expect from a man with the idea of calling himself super. Utterly martyring but in the most egomaniac way possible. He manages to be cynical about the general population while being woefully naive about individual criminals. Idealistic fool, all told. Ported out.

1, 2.

Malcolm Merlyn

Interesting, but didn't stay here long. 

1, 2.

Shima Tetsuo

Funny guy. It's like poking a bear. Francis is starting to understand why bear-baiting was a sport back when with this guy.

1, 2.

Pacifica Northwest

Another deluded, but at least being a twelve year old girl gives her certain allowances for that. Interesting enough.


George O' Malley

Sensitive lad, someone who probably deserved a better shot than he did. Francis has nothing against him.

1, 2a, 2b.

Bela Talbot

Smart, quick witted and fun. Francis likes her.


Clara Oswald

Smart, funny and sensible for a woman her age. Francis likes her.

1, 2, 3.

Traci Thirteen

Francis appreciates any woman who knows how to handle the men in their lives.


Kasumi Goto

Has met her twice without knowing it, but finds her amusing enough on both occasions. May put it together later, but doesn't consider it important enough to make that a certainty.

1, 2.

Cindy Moon

Nice sort of girl. Ready to roll with the punches, which is always positive.


Ari Khamai

Another decent sort so far as Francis can tell. Came from a period where reading wasn't a priority it seems. Helped at the false fear gas attack.

1, 2.

Gogo Tomago

Someone inclined to misadventure, apparently.



Interesting sort. Seems content enough to have his cult or whatever he has. Francis isn't especially interested in him because he doesn't quite meet up with the expectations of his name.



If he was honest, he didn't quite expect the friendship out the young man. They have very little in common, really. But he likes him nonetheless.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7a, 7b.


A nice upbeat soul, Francis is pretty happy to talk to him. Doesn't really have much intelligence, but he doubts that matters much to him.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Hermann Gottlieb

It is apparently possible to talk to him without his Newt trailing behind him, but it's a rare commodity. He's obviously book-smart to the point of not being able to be any other kind of smart.

1, 2, 3.

Newt Geiszler

Hermann's other half, it seems. Francis hasn't actually spoken to him yet.

Adam Parrish

Spoiling for trouble, likely one of those black or white, moral high ground sort of people. Not much back up though, if his talk hasn't amounted to anything yet.



Well, you can't fault him for his enthusiasm. Utterly naive, of course.

1, 2.

Richard Gansey

Seems like a sensitive, thoughtful young man.

1, 2, 3.

The (Twelfth) Doctor

Man needs to get his act together, but Francis senses a mind underneath all of that and likes having a Scotsman (sort of) around.

1, 2.

Hartley Rathaway

One of those aggressive about politics without bothering understanding it people.


Tohru Adachi

Nervous chap, but seemed decent enough.


Wild Tyger

Helped at the false fear gas attack.


Death the Kid

Helped at the false fear gas attack.


Dr. Jonathan "Scarecrow" Crane

Profoundly dreary man, who decided to take on the moniker Scarecrow and frighten people. Francis finds it very difficult to care despite realising that he presents an actual danger.

1, 2, 3, 4.


Seems to have a thing about Superman, but efficient enough besides.


Roy Mustang

Obviously efficient, good humour kind of chap.



Came to the masquerade without a mask. And shoes. The latter proved her undoing courtesy of a mess to the floor.

1, 2.

Ken Kaneki

Francis hasn't connected him to a network presence, but he's nervous enough that Francis doubts he has much of one. Though Francis can't fault him really for his nervousness, imPort history regarding parties being what it is.


Knows her shoe size. But probably doesn't need to pull a Prince Charming to find her. Finds her amusing company.


Bart Allen

Typical teenage boy, if he was honest. A little invested in Halloween and dress up.


Skye, now Daisy.

Well, doesn't she have a grudge. Self-righteous girl, but amusing enough. Probably easily lead, if done correctly.

1, 2, 3, 45.

Nicolas Demidov

Grumpy Russian. No actual bite to him.

1, 2.

Kanaya Maryam

Young sensible, apparently a veteran of this place. Runs a first aid course. Wants to do a conference with the imPort brains, yet has a peculiar, unknown animus towards Stark. Apparently not serious enough for her?

1, 2, 3.

Eric Dufosset

New arrival, evidently up to something vital of home and will need the time to adjust. Seems competent enough, however.

1, 2.

Major General Olivier

Humourless blowhard. Tries to stand on a record that's frankly lacking. Needs a pun machine.

1, 2.

Agent Carter

Fighting woman, English, though disappointingly uninterested in the political situation.

1, 2.

Blue Beetle

Stepped on it talking about death. Oh dear!


Josuke Higashikata

Community minded, if not entirely sensible, but forgivable in Francis' view.


Lucy Pevensie

Nice girl. Could stand to step out of what's expected of her.


Mabel Pines

Precocious young girl. Probably could use some actual supervision because that gang she goes with seems to let her get into all sorts. The fact that she seems used to it is very telling.



Well, Skye was certainly correct about her. She's very easily nettled and has an over-inflated of her own skills and thinks all she needs is to make everyone love her. Takes it all terribly personally. Not a natural politician.


Uzumaki Naruto

Typical overhyped child. Has the ability to flame himself, apparently. What joy.


Saul Goodman

A judge with a salty sense of humour. AKA, God's own medicine as far as Francis is concerned.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Third Princess, Euphemia li Britannia

Nice classy woman. Polite enough.



Yet another socialist woman. A little smarter than most of them, but that's not saying much in itself.

1, 2, 3.


One of those 'sheeple' bores. Managed to be boring despite first appearing looking like a bloody mess.

1, 2.

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes apparently takes his job very seriously. Though Francis supposes it's more of a coping mechanism than anything.


Clary Fray

Nice enough girl. Plainly having difficulties adapting to being here, attached to her life at home. But seems to be able to seek advice. Not a fault in Francis' opinion

1, 2.

M - The Midnighter

Tedious beyond description. All sheeple and idiotic. Nice present though. 

1, 2.

Leonard L. Church

Hilariously grumpy. Apparently feeling the pinch of being thrust into another universe.



Calender Man/Julian Day

Clearly an escaoed loon, though from prison or just an asylum, Francis can't be sure. Not all there is certain. Betting that there'll be some action from him on the 23rd of March, if he survives here that long. 

1, 2.

Greg Vorthys 

Someone with initiative, Francis is curious about him. 

1, 2.

Charles Xavier

A good citizen, with some expectations of the government, though measured by what he's heard.
1, 2.

Erik Lehnsherr

Dutiful man, though not in Francis' sphere really. TBD.


Hououji Fuu

A woman who plainly puts a lot of faith in someone else pulling her out of whatever fire she's in, particularly authority figure. Francis doubts she'll be much of a hinderance or an ally to his plans.

Count Dooku

Francis is well used to the aristocracy, being the son of an Earl. He knows how to handle men like Count Dooku. Whether or not they'll be rivals or allies remains to be seen, of course.

1, 2.

Felix Dawkins

Suitably cynical young man.


Harrison Wells

Took several months to decide he wants to do something. Obviously has an ulterior motive regarding getting access to people's files. Best of luck to the man.


Jeff Winger

TV lawyer. Prefers to act out than actually do anything of not, but doesn't pretend otherwise, so Francis has no issue with the man.


Bucky Barnes

Corrected him on a name. Cares for his friend.


Lord-Governor Kang

Giant 'noble' lizard. Decent organiser of projects.


Skull Man

Sensitive little Ai. 


Billy Kaplan

Massive transference issues.


Cmdr John Shepherd

Reasonable man.


Phoenix Wright.

Not usually a bird, apparently.


James T. Kirk

Smart and angry, brilliant combination.



Sensible fellow in an alcoholic sort of way.

1, 2.


Tantruming child. Not actually worth it, but Francis was annoyed, so.


Jesse Pinkman

An associate, possibly friend to Saul. Regardless, both of them have history and he seems to regard Saul with some affection, so he's ok by Francis. There's a bitter kind of intelligence there and he seems to be at the point of both being unashamed and uncompromising towards people who want a picture-perfect view of him. Has contacts that could prove useful in the Future.


Marty McFly

Bit of a deadbeat, lost his talent and just gave up. But he's younger normally.


Dr. Betty Ross

Bright, curious woman who's a little too much on the patriotic side. Still, makes for a decent first impression.


Mr Gold

One of those needlessly secretive types. His secrets are undoubtedly very important to him, but Francis doubts very much that they'd be actually important to anyone here. Certainly not half as much as he seems to assume it will be.


Hyunsoo Chang

A quivering boy. Has the good sense to be ashamed of it, but not the ability to hide it.


Junpei Iori

Japanese baseball nut. Sadly misguided.


Jessica Jones

A woman with a dry with and a decent conversationalist. Francis has a lot of time for her.


Barnaby Brooks Jr.

One of the know it all children. Still, amusing enough. Did talk to him during the period where the ages of people were askew, so proper judgement is a little bit suspended.


Leksa kom Trigedakru

Cautious young woman, but sensibly so.


Winry Rockbell

One of those 'leap before you look' types, clearly set to blow herself up or something.


Adrien Agreste

Clearly a posh young lad, prepared and inclined towards the fencing.


Regina Mills

My word, the bitterness is strong with this one.


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