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And slowly but surely we get back on our feet. The survivors of death, the survivors of the uncontrolled wounds that were not about them, enduring despite it all. 

In this vein, rather than simply reducing ourselves to hard words or even harder blows and skulking back into our respective corners, we should have a gathering. Much along the lines that Iris was speaking of, we could all go to the deck and mourn the lives we had in that breach, or the ones that came before. Watch the stars go by. Bring our own drinks and remind ourselves that we're all outcasts from one reality or another.

In the vein of Isaac Asimov, whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be a hell of a lot worse. 
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[Francis looks a little distracted and uncertain. He lets out a sigh.]

I wonder if I might prevail on one of the ladies of the Barge for some company? [He smiles in acknowledgement of how it sounds.] Nothing, untoward, I... just was reminded of how I missed my wife in that port. She's an intelligent, witty woman and I very much relied on her to give me a grounding.
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[Francis is just like his normal counterpart at the very beginning of his rise. The ultimate insider, he's a non-entity to those above him, charmingly roguish to those who actually know him, and a strict father-figure for those beneath him. His job is to make sure the people around the Emperor seem like spotless saints the closer they are to him.

It's naturally more challenging for some than others but Francis has been here long enough to know how to get you out of mischief.

He is not part of the inner circle but he's directly on the outside of it, knowing most of the aides involved.]

Good Morning, Excellencies. Hope you've got your packets for the day. Do let my office know if there's anything we can do. [And he does mean anything.]


mightthinkthat: Ian Richardson posing in front of parliament. (Default)
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