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[Francis' room is looking a good bit more cluttered than it had when you saw it last. There's everything from a rubix cube (which a springer spaniel is currently gnawing on in a crown shaped bed in the background) to a crossword puzzle, which Francis is idly scrawling on. Several new cups and saucers with commemorative decorations upon them.

Francis is acting if All Is Normal, as you might expect of him now.] 

And just as I was getting bored. Is everyone else experiencing something along these lines or am I just lucky?
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 [Francis is tending to his dogs, who were rattled by the collision, with tender loving care, soothing them.] Well, I suppose being woken up is one sign of power returning? 

[He's a little irked that this is the most interesting thing to happen here. He's no real taste for torture, even if he's not shy of it, it's gross and unnecessary, so he's bored of it whenever it comes up. He's looking forward to something happening. And his standards for that something is getting lower.] 
mightthinkthat: Francis sits next to a table with a drink and food in hand (relaxing)
[He wonders briefly if this is yet another sign of What Is To Come. But that hardly matters now. It's a little aggravating that he's apparently being fobbed off on a warden without a file, but hey, he's new to being paired, so a little taster would hardly be unwelcome.]

Have I been up to something that requires 'being kept an eye on'? [He's obviously terribly amused by this.] I'll guess I'll leave the torment of you all until 'Mordred' is looking in the opposite direction. I know you were all on tender hooks. [No, he doesn't think you were.] 

[Private to Mordred]

[Francis is still smiling.] Hello. I'm afraid, I won't have much for you to do without my file. But as I'm new to being paired, perhaps you'd like to let me know how this all works.
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 Joining in, because who am I to duck and dive questions? [That's funny.] 

One condition, however. Don't ask anything that might drive you to want to punch me, or more? I'd rather avoid violence if at all possible and I don't doubt it'll come up later if you really want it.


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