mightthinkthat: Francis, in a tux, with a black eye (beaten but not surrendered)
Francis Ewan Urquhart ([personal profile] mightthinkthat) wrote2014-02-14 06:11 pm

Video 2 ♔ Flood Fall Out

[Francis, upon realising that he's not this kind of dresser. Ever, looks down at his clothes, takes a deep breath and. Gets over it. A wacky suit is hardly an injury worth grinding your teeth over and easily remedied besides.

And so he does, returning to his room, stripping off the... very bright clothes and putting on a somewhat plainer grey trousers, a blue cotton cardigan and a lighter blue shirt beneath.

As he finishes, he gets himself a drink and activates the video function for himself.] 

[Private to Self]

Well! It would seem that I've experienced my very first flood! And it was suitably mild, nothing more than dipping one's toe in and checking the temperature. [He's finished and settles back into his chair.] As it goes, it's interesting, don't you think? A little bit of nip here and another tuck here. A mental alteration. [He taps his glass thoughtfully.] Impermanent. By accident or design? It's an interesting question.

Does a being with apparently little substance give a damn about permanence? Was I supposed to learn the values of neon? Was Iris needing to learn what a dashing figure she strikes in grey or that stuck-on nails are no substitute for actual claws? [He seems to find this hilarious regardless of whatever came of the encounter with Iris. 

[He considers the situation thoughtfully.] I should like to believe it to be entirely on purpose. Call it a fancy. Or possibly a grasping urge by an old man to make greater sense of the sticky predicament he is in. [It is not remotely that. If it were a matter of desperation, he'd hardly be this amused.]

For our own good. No doubt! Keep the boys in line. Keep them guessing. Admiral Whip. [His smile turns thoughtful.] The more things change.


[When the video changes to public, Francis has the... outfit, if you can even call it that, on a hanger, looking it over. He glances over to the camera with an eyebrow raised.] Apparently, we do need accessories for floods. 

[He gives the camera his full attention.] Possibly some of the Old Guard would care to share with us Novices just what they've found useful over their time here? Some of you have been here years as I understand it. At  the very least it should be on that pamphlet somewhere. Anyone would like to volunteer?

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