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 This is Francis Urquhart. I'm afraid I'm not able to come to the phone right now, but if you'd like to leave a message, I'll get back to you. 
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[Francis' room is looking a good bit more cluttered than it had when you saw it last. There's everything from a rubix cube (which a springer spaniel is currently gnawing on in a crown shaped bed in the background) to a crossword puzzle, which Francis is idly scrawling on. Several new cups and saucers with commemorative decorations upon them.

Francis is acting if All Is Normal, as you might expect of him now.] 

And just as I was getting bored. Is everyone else experiencing something along these lines or am I just lucky?
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 [Francis is tending to his dogs, who were rattled by the collision, with tender loving care, soothing them.] Well, I suppose being woken up is one sign of power returning? 

[He's a little irked that this is the most interesting thing to happen here. He's no real taste for torture, even if he's not shy of it, it's gross and unnecessary, so he's bored of it whenever it comes up. He's looking forward to something happening. And his standards for that something is getting lower.] 
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[He wonders briefly if this is yet another sign of What Is To Come. But that hardly matters now. It's a little aggravating that he's apparently being fobbed off on a warden without a file, but hey, he's new to being paired, so a little taster would hardly be unwelcome.]

Have I been up to something that requires 'being kept an eye on'? [He's obviously terribly amused by this.] I'll guess I'll leave the torment of you all until 'Mordred' is looking in the opposite direction. I know you were all on tender hooks. [No, he doesn't think you were.] 

[Private to Mordred]

[Francis is still smiling.] Hello. I'm afraid, I won't have much for you to do without my file. But as I'm new to being paired, perhaps you'd like to let me know how this all works.
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 Well, now that we've been granted permission [Could you be more of a prat, Charles? Good riddance.] to be very angry indeed, could someone take this... thing off of me. [He squeezes the doll in distaste.] It's really awful. 

No offense intended, Marquis. [He sort of haphazardly tosses it to one side.] Feel free to pick it up, if you like. I certainly don't want it. [Not that he can take his eyes off it.]
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Alanna Bloom (Potential Warden?)

Alana Bloom:
Currently nothing much more than a face. She seems quiet and reserved but under that exterior, there's clearly someone who has a lot to be concerned about. Francis isn't keeping an eye on her as such, beyond the fact that she may potentially be his warden at some stage. He wouldn't dread having her as his warden, as she hasn't managed to annoy him.

David 8: Apparently an android of some description. Francis obviously doesn't know the ins and outs of 'what makes a thing a sentient thing' and, frankly, could care less. He's amused by his low-level passive aggression about what seems to be more or less everything, but otherwise doesn't particularly find him interesting enough to engage with. 

Sterling Archer: Completely boring. Hasn't managed to grow up after meeting the level of three years old and is resultantly a chore to deal with, particularly as he's come to the mistaken conclusion that he is actually an adult. Can't even argue effectively. 

Ceres: Voted Most Likely To Kill Francis but that doesn't mean that Francis isn't willing to engage her. He finds her interesting enough, if a little out of his depth (but one must expand one's reach) and is perfectly prepared to argue with her, if she wants to. Is unlikely to ever apologise or deny he's misogynist as a rule, but isn't about to deny her her strengths and abilities on her own merit either. Still, she's a bright spot on a tedious Barge.

Riddick: Man who likes to pretend he's a cat, from what Francis can gather. Which is all right if you like that sort of thing, but Francis doesn't really care, one way or another. He's not a nuisance, nor is he particularly helpful and Francis can live with that, as he's certainly not going to be either to him. 

Cassel Sharpe: Met him as a cat, which was the probably only reason that he's stuck with him at all. Apologetic about fooling him, however briefly, and is in a relationship with Chris. Probably not going to be much of an issue for Francis, so he's holding back before any real judgement. But definitely the type to worry about doing the right thing rather than deal with practicalities: verging on the sentimental.

Daneca Wasserman: One of those 'in it for the inmates' wardens so automatically has very little respect from Francis. Exactly the kind of person he found tedious in life and has found no reason to change that feeling now. This one he does dread a little becoming his warden, though largely more to do with not finding her conversation interesting than any fear of her.

Tuoko Fukawa: Smelly disagreeable teen. But is actually a smelly disagreeable teen, so he bares no malice, even though he avoids her as much as possible without being outright rude. She's basically a constituent. 

Ben: Thoughtful boy, who was apparently engineered and what have you to have seizures. Not the kind of design he would have come up with, honestly, but he's pretty relieved to have the experimental stage well and truly finished with. Triggers Francis' genuine fathering instincts, so he's careful and kind to him as he knows how to be. He is mostly aware of how short he's falling on that front, but Ben is largely a stranger to him, so he's not too worried about that.

'Blight': One of those in the  freaks crowd, which Francis was more or less over with when he discovered they were essentially humans (psychologically speaking) with weird appearances long before Blight arrived. Finds it ironic that a cooperate man is too proud to sell himself for a magic wish. But still, he's very much the kind of American he's used to socialising with. 

'Red Hood': Has decided to deal with his being a member of the 'freaks crowd' with putting a fabric pill upon his head. Which bemuses Francis a bit but hey, he has a nice suit. Amusing company and seems quite clever. Probably not the best warden for Gary, in his view, because that kind of thing takes a firmer hand than Hood seems comfortable with.

Kara Zor-El: Also one of the 'in it for the inmates' crowd, but offset by her world apparently being in danger and the fact that she seems to know it better than some. And she's a sweet girl besides. Probably out of her depth all the same, but Francis is probably pretty willing to be proved wrong. He's not going to weep about the missed chance of being paired with her, though.

Barbara Gordon: Intriguing, but extremely careful woman, difficult to get to know but apparently makes it worth while in the future. And she's not a bad conversationalist when it happens either. Francis is looking for opportunities to present itself for him to get to know her better, but he's having various degrees of luck.

David Cain: Suggested by Iris that they'd be good friends. Francis is not especially convinced, because all he's seen of him is a traditional army trainer person. He's not opposed, however.

Harvey Dent: One of the few Gothamites that Francis can fourth wall, but much like the fact that he's gotten over people looking weird, he's gotten over the fictional people. As far as what impression he's gotten of him, Harvey is one of those people whose temper is stressful for everyone most of all him. Upshot of it is, Francis is not about to spend time with him if he can help it.

Stephanie Brown: No doubt many of his fellow inmates think her a betrayer of some description but those people are idiots in Francis' view. As far as he's concerned, she's no different from the inmate he'd met but with more power. And that's never a bad thing. She's smart, knows what she wants and knows what she's getting into by being a warden here, so has a lot of respect from Francis.

Mal: One of those Goth ones. Wouldn't be surprised that she's a vampire, if he doesn't know already. Notable for being Hannibal's warden and seeming to know, more or less, her business. Francis has respect for her for that.

Polly: Doesn't seem to have made much of an impression on Francis, as far as he's concerned she's uninteresting. Perhaps that will change, given it's mostly due to lack of exposure.

C'Rizz: Every place has it's little baby and that is shaping up to be C'Rizz. When he posts, it's going to make the wardens jump to his rescue and he's going to put reach out in puzzled vulnerability in response. It's something he finds amusing, because he doesn't really have much in the way of sympathy for him and probably never will. Still, he's not the warden in question, so it's not his problem.

Iris Wildthyme: The single most interesting and entertaining woman in the Barge. Francis is unspeakably fond of her, for her sense of fun, her sharp undercurrent and her ability to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. He doesn't particularly want her for himself, because he knows she doesn't work that was, and neither does he, not really. But she has the element that means that he'll never be bored with her and it's something of a lifeline. 

Tungwynterestemont: Wynter only has Francis' attention due his unpaired status. He apparently has a bit of a chip on his shoulder but is apparently well meaning, more or less. If they were ever paired Francis believed he'd have to do the heavy lifting so he's quietly hoping that that'll never happen, even as he's nothing against him.

Sarge: Soldier. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing especially interesting about it either. Probably useful to have about though, so doesn't intend on making him mad either.

Mira Hidalgo: Entertaining and cheeky. Clearly no sense of empathy, but that's fun too. Francis has nothing against her, though doesn't trust her even slightly, not that it's been an issue yet.

Arkin O'Brien: Poor misfortunate O'Brien. He doesn't know much about him but that line about his possibly coming back an inmate isn't exactly leaving Francis with the impression that he can look after himself terribly well. Still, that has uses too.

Aeryn Sun: Piggy in the middle. Someone to go to if Scorpius decides, for whatever reason, to hate him. Probably will graduate first though, because Scorpius isn't going to try in his heart.

John Crichton: Target of Scorpius' 'affections'. Really not prepared to deal with being in Scorpius' spotlight, but his ideals will probably see him through if nothing else. Not the person to go to directly if Scorpius should decide to go after him, if only because he seems to have no sense of how to play the game.

Scorpius: Had potential as an interesting conversational partner, but honestly, his obsession makes him kind of boring. His new outlook is not convincing him but he's not the audience regardless. He's not about ignore him completely, but Francis needs to be interested to make friends and Scorpius doesn't meet that criterion.

River Tam: River is a know-it-all who may have few screws loose but not to the extent that she needs protecting. He raised an eyebrow when the Admiral matched her with the White Knight Duke because he's quite convinced that he'll coddle her. She's a little brat, though, so Francis doesn't really talk to her.

Maquis De Sade: Francis likes the Marquis, but honestly doesn't respect him. As far as Francis is concerned, the Marquis has lost his spark. Despite the fact that he's technically younger now than when he was an inmate, he feels like an old man to Francis. The type of man he would loathe to become. And while he doesn't expect him to be as volatile as he once was, he would like a bit action to go along with the talk. 

Mindy Macready:
Angry girl. Basically! She's amusing to watch, but he's not interested in the slightest in having any contact with her whatsoever. Far too much effort for little payback. She wouldn't be interested much in him either, so that works out well for everyone.

Elena Gilbert: He's not sure what to make of her return. It's something that looks like an act of desperation but what stripe, he's not sure. It's not especially important beyond his need to understand how others tick. But he's curious about what effect that desperation will have on her second tenure. She didn't seem terribly sure before she left, so he can't say he's altogether surprised by her return.

Stiles Stillinski: Bright lad. Probably in over his head, but he's young and that's to be expected. Hopefully he won't be paired with someone too difficult or murderous. Francis likes him so far. 

James Bond: One of the few people Francis can fourth wall, James left a distinct impression when he beat up Ester and laid bare her 'secret'. He didn't exactly approve of that, though he took the view it was a bad PR stunt. He's a stand up representative of the inmate process and leaves Francis with the distinct impression that it's more arbitrary a process than the brochure might insist.

Ned: Ned is a nervous wreck, who manages to not have a nervous break down by making sure everyone knows about it. Which is nice because one doesn't like to be surprised by that sort of thing. Anyway, he's devoted to his wife and the people on the barge which is charming.

Dean Winchester: Dean has proved himself moderately useful. And he's... nice enough. Francis has nothing against him, but also nothing particularly for him? Dean's a decent chap, and decent chaps should be about. And that's about as far as it goes.
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 Joining in, because who am I to duck and dive questions? [That's funny.] 

One condition, however. Don't ask anything that might drive you to want to punch me, or more? I'd rather avoid violence if at all possible and I don't doubt it'll come up later if you really want it.
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[Private to Self] )

And slowly but surely we get back on our feet. The survivors of death, the survivors of the uncontrolled wounds that were not about them, enduring despite it all. 

In this vein, rather than simply reducing ourselves to hard words or even harder blows and skulking back into our respective corners, we should have a gathering. Much along the lines that Iris was speaking of, we could all go to the deck and mourn the lives we had in that breach, or the ones that came before. Watch the stars go by. Bring our own drinks and remind ourselves that we're all outcasts from one reality or another.

In the vein of Isaac Asimov, whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be a hell of a lot worse. 
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[Francis looks a little distracted and uncertain. He lets out a sigh.]

I wonder if I might prevail on one of the ladies of the Barge for some company? [He smiles in acknowledgement of how it sounds.] Nothing, untoward, I... just was reminded of how I missed my wife in that port. She's an intelligent, witty woman and I very much relied on her to give me a grounding.
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[Francis is just like his normal counterpart at the very beginning of his rise. The ultimate insider, he's a non-entity to those above him, charmingly roguish to those who actually know him, and a strict father-figure for those beneath him. His job is to make sure the people around the Emperor seem like spotless saints the closer they are to him.

It's naturally more challenging for some than others but Francis has been here long enough to know how to get you out of mischief.

He is not part of the inner circle but he's directly on the outside of it, knowing most of the aides involved.]

Good Morning, Excellencies. Hope you've got your packets for the day. Do let my office know if there's anything we can do. [And he does mean anything.]
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[Private to Self] )


I'm afraid I've seemed to have lost my bet. Still, despite its... difficulties, it was an interesting flood. Steph did well enough out of it. [He smiles genuinely.] Anyone else experience good news.

[Private to Scorpius]

My future warden self is no doubt deeply disappointed, Scorpius.
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 [Francis looks perfectly normal, honestly. He's isn't that long after graduation and he likes to take care of himself. And he never loses that cheeky, devil may care attitude of his.]

Mixed bag, this flood. At any rate, unfortunately, the good Marquis isn't the only one missing something. My item seems to have totted off as well. It looks like my badge of office, so you'll recognise it if you see it. If anyone finds it, once you've sampled the warden areas all by your lonesome, would it be terribly inconvenient if I might have it back? Preferably before someone knifes my dear Scorpius in the back? [He gives the camera a look. That's exactly what's going to wind up happening and you lot know it.] 

Iris seemed to have spotted some temporal messing up, so I suppose I'll treat this much like the communication glitches: anybody out there I used to know?
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[Francis, upon realising that he's not this kind of dresser. Ever, looks down at his clothes, takes a deep breath and. Gets over it. A wacky suit is hardly an injury worth grinding your teeth over and easily remedied besides.

And so he does, returning to his room, stripping off the... very bright clothes and putting on a somewhat plainer grey trousers, a blue cotton cardigan and a lighter blue shirt beneath.

As he finishes, he gets himself a drink and activates the video function for himself.] 

[Private to Self] )


[When the video changes to public, Francis has the... outfit, if you can even call it that, on a hanger, looking it over. He glances over to the camera with an eyebrow raised.] Apparently, we do need accessories for floods. 

[He gives the camera his full attention.] Possibly some of the Old Guard would care to share with us Novices just what they've found useful over their time here? Some of you have been here years as I understand it. At  the very least it should be on that pamphlet somewhere. Anyone would like to volunteer?
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[To Iris]

 Glad to have someone with her wits about her on board.



[Francis is depressed.] Where does a man get a wardrobe change around here? Hm. Nobody think to have a fashion boutique?

[OOC: Still open as far as characteristic swaps go. Can add valentines later.]
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 [Private to self]

Well, of course it wasn't that easy. And there was the matter of placing myself on that world. So like my own. [He lets out a laugh.] Apart from that 'Below' business. 

But not my world. I wasn't present at all. [He smiles.] What a poorer world for it! [Contemplatively:] A terrible shame what became of the lady. She was well loved in this world. Still, she had two sons here, so that was something to be grateful for.

Now we have 'the Barge'. I remember what Elizabeth said. That I should always find a challenge. Keep my mind active and sharp. It seems that in killing me, she guaranteed it! [He looks thoughtful again.] Would that she know about it. 


When I was growing up, my pastor was filled with the grim vitriol of the passioned believer, slamming his bible against the pulpit, telling us all that we were destined to end up in the fiery pits of hell to be burned and scorned for all eternity. We were all sinners and we all needed repent them. 

Of course, it was something of a double edged sword. When your religion exhorts you to be a good boy while simultaneously telling you that any attempts on your part to do so was ultimately futile because God had decided your fate long before you were born, you tended to form a kind of apathy about the whole thing, whether you believed or not.

I confess, while I lay bleeding to death in my wife's embrace, my being sent to hell... or 'purgatory' for you lightweights [He smiles a little], didn't occur to me in the slightest. I'm sure it occurred to others, of course, but politics will do that.

[There's a slight twinkle in his eye.] ...Do you think the Admiral is a Labour man?

I will admit, I don't remember any of my teachings to feature such a... 'high tech' purgatory, with dining halls and 'wardens'. 

As I discovered, [he shoots the camera a disarming smile] there doesn't seem to be much freedom to escape. So I'm a little unclear on the point of wardens? To keep us from bashing each other's heads in? Surely, not a concern to our Admiral, given his skills. 

You can come and go as you please, so perhaps you're solely here to hammer home just how trapped inmates are. Of course, no doubt there's a certain... satisfaction in being above others, particularly others that you can point to be less... moral than you are, but otherwise, I don't see the appeal.

Of course, if anyone should care to enlighten me, I'd be obliged.
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Francis is hasn't been paired properly yet, so I’m not fussed if we have a perfect pairing or not. Train wrecks can be fun to begin with too.
But we will need a pairing where the dynamics would be interesting for both parties as I’ve had frustrating pairings that did little but stress both sides out. This does mean that if Francis does step on any buttons of yours or your characters, you should let me know before and after pairing. My PM box is open to anyone and I will respond as quickly as I can.
I’d like someone who’s quite active (at least enough that they’ll be able to catch Francis having a crisis, mentally or physically, in good time) and a warden who’s going to find Francis’ manipulation tactics manageable to deal with. This doesn’t mean that the warden can’t be manipulated or the warden can’t be savvy enough to deal with manipulation, but that they won’t take it as a reason to give up on Francis.


If you have pangs of pity, crush them now. Grind them under your heel like old cigar butts.

Francis is a man who thrives on challenge and getting power. He will use charm to get his way but knows when to stand firm and be cold. He is a man to be respected, either as someone accomplished or simply an enemy, it doesn’t matter. He never makes idle threats and doesn’t appreciate being messed about.
Everybody can be valuable. That’s my philosophy.
He does enjoy the challenge people represent, so although I've made him seem quite cold here, he's actually quite personable in front of the scenes. He likes to bring people along rather than reject them, particularly over their moral lines. He's quite impish and has a irreverent attitude that allows him to seem amusing even when he's being objectionable. He's attractive mostly thanks to this charisma.
A man of state needs helpers – little elves and sprites to do his bidding, even unwitting pawns who do not know who they serve.

This is what makes his anger such a shock because it's such a different aspect of him. All the warmth leaves him and he makes the atmosphere frigid. Angering him is not a good idea, though he might seem like he's gotten over it, that view might be deceptive, particularly if you're the warden in charge of him.


Nothing lasts forever. Even the longest, the most glittering reign must come to an end someday.

He's a murderer (numerous), a terrorist (using the IRA as a scapegoat), war crimes (causing innocent children to die as a result of his orders, but also murdering suspected terrorists without a trial), blackmail and extortion (his entire relationship with O'Neill but counts are numerous here as well. Treated it as essential part of the Chief Whip's job. He also used extortion to get the King to abdicate), also fraud (pretended to be Collingridge's brother while committing insider trading).


You might very well think that, but of course, I couldn’t possibly comment.

He was reasonably content to play the game: waiting for his prime minister to see his skills and promote him to Home Secretary but instead Collingridge refused to do so and, adding insult to injury, presumed that he could count on his loyalty from then on. In effect, he made it personal and underestimated him.
“If I can put it bluntly, you have a remarkable brain, and I should like to plunder it.

Naturally, his warden isn't about to make this mistake, so he shouldn't treat them as outright enemies - more like cabinet colleagues: not to be trusted but allowed time to prove themselves too. MPs frequently stab each other in the back, fail to act as upstanding citizens, can be aggressively opinionated, meekly accepting, cunning or naive. And they always, always want something from him: a leg up somehow. While he'll be uncertain of how he's supposed to 'rehabilitate' himself; he'll have no problem understanding the actual relationship between warden and inmate. The warden needs him and the warden has certain advantages he would like: so a relationship is quite logical and he won't contest otherwise, even if they'll undoubtedly find some other reason to pick at each other. He is unlikely to strike out at his warden unless provoked.
That woman said I should be Prime Minister... Glamis, and Cawdor, and King hereafter.

He is an accomplished politician, a man who has led an entire group of countries (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) for years. If you call what happened a failure, it was due entirely to his views: that people should be expected to rise entirely of their own will and strength and failure to do so is a failure on their parts, not on the government's. As a government worker, he was efficient, determined and devoted. He knew how to handle his cabinet, deal with issues and implement policies. If he wasn't so aggressively callous, he'd have made an astonishing difference in people's lives and a warden should be able to point to his premiership as a testament to his abilities and address how even in the midst of governing a country, he managed to feel unchallenged and underwhelmed. 

His deepest need was that people should like him. An admirable trait, that... in a spaniel or a whore, not, I think, in a Prime Minister.

A warden can certainly address his policies and I do want them addressed eventually. After all, his policies include abolishing the Arts Council, outlawing vagrancy, reintroducing conscription and banning pensioners from National Health Service treatment unless they have paid for Age Insurance. Not the policies of a good man. Although he was unquestionably the head of all of Great Britain, he paid very little attention to Scotland and Wales (and only Ireland because of the IRA was a useful scapegoat: he certainly didn't do it any good). A warden can approach this through logical argument, perhaps instilling him an appreciation for art, pointing out that vagrancy is a sign of a sick nation and blaming the IRA for bombings he committed when he should be suing for peace. You don't have to turn him into a socialist or anything, but making him question them would be a good start.
So let's not involve ourselves in any squeamishness, all right? Because this... is just the start.

He will be very impressed by a clever warden, though he will run rings around people who are book smart and not street smart, so someone who is solely book smart probably won’t be suitable, unless they’re terribly innocent and charming. Even Francis finds people cute. Street smart wardens are likely to engage him, either positively or negatively and by doing so, will gain a lot of influence over his time here. Whether that's good thing or not is entirely up the warden.

So hard to know who to trust in these suspicious days. Does passion engender trust? Not necessarily. And yet we all would wish to feed on certainties.

Someone who is solely in this for the deal would be suitable if they’re upfront about it. This whole making a deal with a mysterious unknowable figure is both foolhardy and admittedly a tempting prospect and Francis will be very fascinated by someone who would take that risk. It's the kind of risk he might have taken, considering he risked everything for his final legacy (which arguably failed, assuming one considers having to be assassinated constitutes a failure).
He’s become far too fond of the sound of his own voice. Unfortunately, other people are starting to like it, too.

Someone who’s doing this for the betterment of mankind is less interesting to him, but not so that they’re uninteresting. He’ll simply take that kind of warden less seriously because of it (and any moralising they might do as a result). This type of warden will not be able to immediately forge a connection with him and will be kept at a distance while Francis decides how to handle them. He'll assume they'll attempt to stop him and not understand him because he wouldn't really understand them. This type of warden may work as an example to Francis, or at the least, prompt some kind of loyalty out of him. Loyalty is something he values greatly and something either warden will be well served by giving it. Prepare to be compared to the King of England, if you're amused by that.

A pat on the head and a biscuit here; short, sharp shock there and a good boot up the backside where indicated.
As for what any warden has to know, Francis is a man who seeks power because he believes he has the right to have it. He’s right wing and that means he believes that fortune, good or bad, is entirely in the hands of the individual, not the society they’ve grown up in. Protestations to the contrary will be dismissed as socialism. 
But this is heavy political stuff, and a warden who isn’t savvy in political arguments would be better served by concentrating on Francis’ more personal dealings.

Mattie Storin was a reporter who approached him shortly after he was shafted by Collingridge. She was beautiful, but also keen and quite intelligent (but not overly so) so he decided to make her a kind of confidante. In fact, the relationship, fully supported by his wife, Elizabeth, had more to do with her connection with the paper and her willingness to print his leaks for him. He managed to entrance Mattie with his charisma and she charmed him with her rapture and so she was seduced by him.

Unfortunately, Mattie's curiosity and determination, both traits Francis considered attractive, became her undoing, as she uncovered the various misdeeds Francis was committing that was bringing him to the Premiership. They met for one final time on the roof and she asked him whether or not he'd acted as she suspected. He confessed to her, asking her if she could be trusted to keep the secret. She decided she could, but Francis decided that he couldn't afford to risk it and threw her off the roof.

It's clear that he has a lot of remorse about this because, unlike the murder of Roger O'Neill, Mattie's murder haunts him through flashbacks, not to mention her recording of it at the time.

The next two he feels less regret for but none the less feels shouldn’t have had to have happened where the murders of Tim Stamper (who only betrayed him because he wanted promotion and, much like the Collingridge did to him, was overlooked) and his other lover, Sarah, who only betrayed him because she’d found out about Mattie (through her tape that Stamper had copied) and thus had to do what she believed was only moral. 

There are other murders, notably that of Roger O'Neill, a cocaine-addled patsy, who was blackmailed into doing Francis' bidding until he became a liability and Francis spiked his cocaine with rat poison. But he feels little or no remorse for these, even believing he'd done the spiralling O'Neill a favour. (A warden may find his dismissal of addicts distasteful and if you want to deal with this, I'll be happy to.)
What a warden needs to do is earn Francis’ trust. He will appreciate honesty, even if he doesn’t return it. He will be happy to answer questions on his life off the Barge, if handled sensitively, and will be quite honest about that, especially if he knows the file will contradict him. Less so about things on the Barge, so a warden will have to figure it out themselves either by keeping a close eye on him or by dissecting what he says.
At first, in order to assimilate to this new culture, Francis will be a model inmate. He’ll try to avoid fights and want to contribute in a job and will do favours and kindnesses to others. A warden, by all means, should encourage this: he might just make a friend or two that’ll not take his manipulative ways.
And even once he gets comfortable, he’ll be all right. Up until he finds himself an enemy, of course, but hopefully by then his warden will have earned his ear and be able to guide him through his anger. (Something his wife used to do, only she’d guide him right into misadventures.)
I wouldn’t suggest that, despite his affairs and the fact that his wife was his enabler, that a warden try to suggest that he and his wife was anything other than loving. Elizabeth was a good, if not moral, wife to him, and they were always both fond and supportive of each other, even if the two of them slept with others for political gain. That said, he misses her, but he doesn't feel the need to go back to her. Ideally, he wants to move on, in one way or another and is looking for further challenges.

This is, of course, to the advantage to any warden, because redemption is a challenge and he'll be, more or less, on board with that. He may even, upon his graduation, become a warden himself. If only for his own amusement.
I think that gives you a good idea, but by all means ask if you’ve any questions and interest. I’m going to be GMT, but active.


Jan. 13th, 2014 04:08 pm
mightthinkthat: Ian Richardson posing in front of parliament. (Default)
Tell me how I'm doing at playing Urquhart. I don't bite, even if he does! Comments are screened!


mightthinkthat: Ian Richardson posing in front of parliament. (Default)
Francis Ewan Urquhart

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