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Video 10 ♔ A Week is a Lifetime in Politics

[He wonders briefly if this is yet another sign of What Is To Come. But that hardly matters now. It's a little aggravating that he's apparently being fobbed off on a warden without a file, but hey, he's new to being paired, so a little taster would hardly be unwelcome.]

Have I been up to something that requires 'being kept an eye on'? [He's obviously terribly amused by this.] I'll guess I'll leave the torment of you all until 'Mordred' is looking in the opposite direction. I know you were all on tender hooks. [No, he doesn't think you were.] 

[Private to Mordred]

[Francis is still smiling.] Hello. I'm afraid, I won't have much for you to do without my file. But as I'm new to being paired, perhaps you'd like to let me know how this all works.
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Francis, is it? I don't believe we've spoken before. I'm Mordred, as... [He smiles against himself.] I suppose you know by now. And, unfortunately, this is new to me as well.

[He should probably be less okay with admitting that.] But what is it you'd like to know? I'll answer however I can.

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I expect to learn how to better assist the inmates here. Unfortunately, without your file there is little support I can give you unless you grant it to me. However, I can understand if you're hesitant. This is the first time we've spoken.

Do you hold any expectations for this?
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I'm uncertain of that, if the Admiral did not grant me your file to begin with then it's likely he has no intention of doing so. But forgive me, it seems I was unclear. All I meant was if you wanted to speak of things. I won't force you to say anything you don't wish to.

But as for requirements to graduate... [A pause for consideration.] Even if this is temporary I believe we can still come to some understandings of what may be necessary for you to proceed even when this arrangement has ended. We wardens are only here to help as we can, but it is ultimately your decision to change.