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THREAD-JACKING: Long threads that my character can't see is not appreciated, but otherwise, go for it.
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: It's fine. He mightn't approve, mind you, but if your character has reason, then go ahead.
AVOIDED TOPICS: It's less about quality and more about quantity, I'm all right with the odd grim/dark plot, but it shouldn't last.
PREFERRED GENDER PRONOUN: Mine is the feminine nouns, but don't worry about it.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Francis is tall, but not so he's looming. He's invariably dressed in an immaculate suit, smells of good brandy and paperwork, the quintessential politician.
DEMEANOUR: Francis is someone who seems perpetually amused. He does have a temper, but he tends to subsume it into playing a long game unless an outburst is more effective. He'll more likely lose his temper over people he feels are not worth his time and are wasting it. People above him are less likely to see it.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Francis is a typical sixty year old man. He has had a life full of drinks and cigarettes, but walks frequently and is quite strong. He would occasionally feel a little ache around his heart, but that's psychosomatic and due entirely to how he was killed.
CABIN INFORMATION: His cabin is the townhouse he lived in with his wife. It has two floors, with a closed-off foyer, a large hall, sitting room, an office, a small kitchen and a bed room (two beds) with ensuite (albeit without bath facilities). The general theme of his house is along these lines:All that wood.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: None, really. He's seen the back end of the political sphere and military service, so he shouldn't find anything much of a surprise.

MENTAL: You can, but he's not going to be any more clear in there than he is out here. He's a complex man, filled with contradiction and deep feeling: the typical stiff upper lipped Englishman.
VIOLENCE: Yes, but he's not going to be a pushover: he's managed to pick up a woman and chuck her off a roof and there is the fact that he spent some years in the Military.
MAGIC: Fine.
DEBATE: Yes, but remember, politician.
OTHER / NOTES: Generally give me a heads up to what you have in mind.

In Mask or Menace, Francis has the power to hypnotise.

He can make someone believe what he wants or even acts as he chooses, though not to the extent that the person can harm themselves. He can make the person believe that someone can harm them, but any character that he does make feel that way can only respond in a manner in character for them. Someone who isn’t a killer for example won’t kill the threat but would act defensively, whatever that means to them. (Possibly hiding, for example.)

I'm going to assume your character has opted out unless we've already spoken about this or you leave a comment to that effect below.

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