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Alanna Bloom (Potential Warden?)

Alana Bloom:
Currently nothing much more than a face. She seems quiet and reserved but under that exterior, there's clearly someone who has a lot to be concerned about. Francis isn't keeping an eye on her as such, beyond the fact that she may potentially be his warden at some stage. He wouldn't dread having her as his warden, as she hasn't managed to annoy him.

David 8: Apparently an android of some description. Francis obviously doesn't know the ins and outs of 'what makes a thing a sentient thing' and, frankly, could care less. He's amused by his low-level passive aggression about what seems to be more or less everything, but otherwise doesn't particularly find him interesting enough to engage with. 

Sterling Archer: Completely boring. Hasn't managed to grow up after meeting the level of three years old and is resultantly a chore to deal with, particularly as he's come to the mistaken conclusion that he is actually an adult. Can't even argue effectively. 

Ceres: Voted Most Likely To Kill Francis but that doesn't mean that Francis isn't willing to engage her. He finds her interesting enough, if a little out of his depth (but one must expand one's reach) and is perfectly prepared to argue with her, if she wants to. Is unlikely to ever apologise or deny he's misogynist as a rule, but isn't about to deny her her strengths and abilities on her own merit either. Still, she's a bright spot on a tedious Barge.

Riddick: Man who likes to pretend he's a cat, from what Francis can gather. Which is all right if you like that sort of thing, but Francis doesn't really care, one way or another. He's not a nuisance, nor is he particularly helpful and Francis can live with that, as he's certainly not going to be either to him. 

Cassel Sharpe: Met him as a cat, which was the probably only reason that he's stuck with him at all. Apologetic about fooling him, however briefly, and is in a relationship with Chris. Probably not going to be much of an issue for Francis, so he's holding back before any real judgement. But definitely the type to worry about doing the right thing rather than deal with practicalities: verging on the sentimental.

Daneca Wasserman: One of those 'in it for the inmates' wardens so automatically has very little respect from Francis. Exactly the kind of person he found tedious in life and has found no reason to change that feeling now. This one he does dread a little becoming his warden, though largely more to do with not finding her conversation interesting than any fear of her.

Tuoko Fukawa: Smelly disagreeable teen. But is actually a smelly disagreeable teen, so he bares no malice, even though he avoids her as much as possible without being outright rude. She's basically a constituent. 

Ben: Thoughtful boy, who was apparently engineered and what have you to have seizures. Not the kind of design he would have come up with, honestly, but he's pretty relieved to have the experimental stage well and truly finished with. Triggers Francis' genuine fathering instincts, so he's careful and kind to him as he knows how to be. He is mostly aware of how short he's falling on that front, but Ben is largely a stranger to him, so he's not too worried about that.

'Blight': One of those in the  freaks crowd, which Francis was more or less over with when he discovered they were essentially humans (psychologically speaking) with weird appearances long before Blight arrived. Finds it ironic that a cooperate man is too proud to sell himself for a magic wish. But still, he's very much the kind of American he's used to socialising with. 

'Red Hood': Has decided to deal with his being a member of the 'freaks crowd' with putting a fabric pill upon his head. Which bemuses Francis a bit but hey, he has a nice suit. Amusing company and seems quite clever. Probably not the best warden for Gary, in his view, because that kind of thing takes a firmer hand than Hood seems comfortable with.

Kara Zor-El: Also one of the 'in it for the inmates' crowd, but offset by her world apparently being in danger and the fact that she seems to know it better than some. And she's a sweet girl besides. Probably out of her depth all the same, but Francis is probably pretty willing to be proved wrong. He's not going to weep about the missed chance of being paired with her, though.

Barbara Gordon: Intriguing, but extremely careful woman, difficult to get to know but apparently makes it worth while in the future. And she's not a bad conversationalist when it happens either. Francis is looking for opportunities to present itself for him to get to know her better, but he's having various degrees of luck.

David Cain: Suggested by Iris that they'd be good friends. Francis is not especially convinced, because all he's seen of him is a traditional army trainer person. He's not opposed, however.

Harvey Dent: One of the few Gothamites that Francis can fourth wall, but much like the fact that he's gotten over people looking weird, he's gotten over the fictional people. As far as what impression he's gotten of him, Harvey is one of those people whose temper is stressful for everyone most of all him. Upshot of it is, Francis is not about to spend time with him if he can help it.

Stephanie Brown: No doubt many of his fellow inmates think her a betrayer of some description but those people are idiots in Francis' view. As far as he's concerned, she's no different from the inmate he'd met but with more power. And that's never a bad thing. She's smart, knows what she wants and knows what she's getting into by being a warden here, so has a lot of respect from Francis.

Mal: One of those Goth ones. Wouldn't be surprised that she's a vampire, if he doesn't know already. Notable for being Hannibal's warden and seeming to know, more or less, her business. Francis has respect for her for that.

Polly: Doesn't seem to have made much of an impression on Francis, as far as he's concerned she's uninteresting. Perhaps that will change, given it's mostly due to lack of exposure.

C'Rizz: Every place has it's little baby and that is shaping up to be C'Rizz. When he posts, it's going to make the wardens jump to his rescue and he's going to put reach out in puzzled vulnerability in response. It's something he finds amusing, because he doesn't really have much in the way of sympathy for him and probably never will. Still, he's not the warden in question, so it's not his problem.

Iris Wildthyme: The single most interesting and entertaining woman in the Barge. Francis is unspeakably fond of her, for her sense of fun, her sharp undercurrent and her ability to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. He doesn't particularly want her for himself, because he knows she doesn't work that was, and neither does he, not really. But she has the element that means that he'll never be bored with her and it's something of a lifeline. 

Tungwynterestemont: Wynter only has Francis' attention due his unpaired status. He apparently has a bit of a chip on his shoulder but is apparently well meaning, more or less. If they were ever paired Francis believed he'd have to do the heavy lifting so he's quietly hoping that that'll never happen, even as he's nothing against him.

Sarge: Soldier. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing especially interesting about it either. Probably useful to have about though, so doesn't intend on making him mad either.

Mira Hidalgo: Entertaining and cheeky. Clearly no sense of empathy, but that's fun too. Francis has nothing against her, though doesn't trust her even slightly, not that it's been an issue yet.

Arkin O'Brien: Poor misfortunate O'Brien. He doesn't know much about him but that line about his possibly coming back an inmate isn't exactly leaving Francis with the impression that he can look after himself terribly well. Still, that has uses too.

Aeryn Sun: Piggy in the middle. Someone to go to if Scorpius decides, for whatever reason, to hate him. Probably will graduate first though, because Scorpius isn't going to try in his heart.

John Crichton: Target of Scorpius' 'affections'. Really not prepared to deal with being in Scorpius' spotlight, but his ideals will probably see him through if nothing else. Not the person to go to directly if Scorpius should decide to go after him, if only because he seems to have no sense of how to play the game.

Scorpius: Had potential as an interesting conversational partner, but honestly, his obsession makes him kind of boring. His new outlook is not convincing him but he's not the audience regardless. He's not about ignore him completely, but Francis needs to be interested to make friends and Scorpius doesn't meet that criterion.

River Tam: River is a know-it-all who may have few screws loose but not to the extent that she needs protecting. He raised an eyebrow when the Admiral matched her with the White Knight Duke because he's quite convinced that he'll coddle her. She's a little brat, though, so Francis doesn't really talk to her.

Maquis De Sade: Francis likes the Marquis, but honestly doesn't respect him. As far as Francis is concerned, the Marquis has lost his spark. Despite the fact that he's technically younger now than when he was an inmate, he feels like an old man to Francis. The type of man he would loathe to become. And while he doesn't expect him to be as volatile as he once was, he would like a bit action to go along with the talk. 

Mindy Macready:
Angry girl. Basically! She's amusing to watch, but he's not interested in the slightest in having any contact with her whatsoever. Far too much effort for little payback. She wouldn't be interested much in him either, so that works out well for everyone.

Elena Gilbert: He's not sure what to make of her return. It's something that looks like an act of desperation but what stripe, he's not sure. It's not especially important beyond his need to understand how others tick. But he's curious about what effect that desperation will have on her second tenure. She didn't seem terribly sure before she left, so he can't say he's altogether surprised by her return.

Stiles Stillinski: Bright lad. Probably in over his head, but he's young and that's to be expected. Hopefully he won't be paired with someone too difficult or murderous. Francis likes him so far. 

James Bond: One of the few people Francis can fourth wall, James left a distinct impression when he beat up Ester and laid bare her 'secret'. He didn't exactly approve of that, though he took the view it was a bad PR stunt. He's a stand up representative of the inmate process and leaves Francis with the distinct impression that it's more arbitrary a process than the brochure might insist.

Ned: Ned is a nervous wreck, who manages to not have a nervous break down by making sure everyone knows about it. Which is nice because one doesn't like to be surprised by that sort of thing. Anyway, he's devoted to his wife and the people on the barge which is charming.

Dean Winchester: Dean has proved himself moderately useful. And he's... nice enough. Francis has nothing against him, but also nothing particularly for him? Dean's a decent chap, and decent chaps should be about. And that's about as far as it goes.


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